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The Rotary District 6860 Awards Program is intended to recognize the accomplishments of Rotary, Rotaract and Interact clubs that excel during the current Rotary year. All Rotary Clubs in our district are encouraged to plan ahead and apply for awards…EVERYONE enjoys recognition for their efforts. AWARDS are the way we can say “Congratulations for a job WELL DONE!” from the district to the clubs! The Awards program will be published in the District Directory as well as on the district website. All awards with due dates have been scheduled for submission on the same date, June 30 except the Vocational Service Award which is January 15 and the Rotaract and Interact District Citations which are due April 15. All other awards requiring club or AG input will be submitted on either the Standard Award Application or the Vibrant Club Application to the Awards Chair, by the June 30 deadline. Please feel free to contact the Awards Chair with any questions. For the purpose of applying for awards, a Small Club is defined as having 50 or fewer members and a Large Club is defined as having 51 or more members.


VOCATIONAL SERVICE AWARDS - Recognize, each Rotary year, one Non-Rotarian person in District 6860 and one 6860 Rotarian for Vocational Service on a District, State, Regional, National, or World basis (i.e. vocational service recognized significantly beyond the territory of a club). You can find more detail on the nomination and selection procedure HERE. The Annual Award is based on recognition for excellence in representing and performing in a vocation with recognition of achievement significantly beyond one club or territory. To make application for this award you may download the Vocational Service Award Application HERE. This application deadline is early and should be made to the Chair, Council of Governors (COG) by January 15. The COG will make the final selection. In the unlikely event there is not a qualified nominee, as deemed by the COG, the award(s) will not be presented. To see past Vocational Service Award recipients, go HERE.

TOM MILFORD SERVICE ABOVE SELF AWARD - Awarded to the District 6860 Rotarian that has best exemplified Service Above Self during the current Rotary year. This award is to be chosen by the District Governor. Suggestions from clubs or members will be welcome and appreciated. (This is an award that clubs may want to suggest their “Rotarian of the Year”.) Please use the Tom Milford Award Suggestion Form to submit your suggestion. All suggestions must be received by the District Governor by March 15.

DISTRICT CITATION - The District Citation recognizes the efforts of clubs to perform the fundamental tasks of running a club well.

Required items: Each item must be accomplished.

  • Enter at least 5 club goals in Rotary Club Central
  • Participate in a local or international service Clubs may collaborate with other clubs and/or another district.
  • Apply for at least one district award in addition to the District Citation Additional Items …. Complete any
  • Achieve a net gain of one member
  • Use social media to publicize club events
  • Participate in a district or global grant
  • Sponsor at least one participant to RYLA
  • Sponsor a current or new Interact or Rotaract Club
  • Actively involve Interact or Rotaract members in club activities
  • Have at least a $100 per capita giving to the Annual Fund of The Rotary Foundation
  • 75% of members participate in a hands-on-project during the 2019-19 Rotary year
  • Hold a Rotary Day to highlight your club’s activities

The District Citation will be certified and submitted by the Club President to the Awards Chair.

ROTARY CITATION - The Rotary Citation recognizes Rotary clubs that support each of the R.I. strategic priorities by completing certain activities. Clubs have the entire Rotary year to achieve the citation’s goals. No application is necessary. The award will be presented based on information in the RI database and information updated by the club in Rotary Club Central. Clubs are asked to submit the request for verification form as soon as they have met the requirements. This will help spread the process versus all clubs at one time.

ROTARY CITATION WITH PRESIDENTIAL DISTINCTION - The Rotary Citation with Presidential Distinction will be awarded to clubs that achieve the Rotary Citation plus one to three additional goals. Awards will be presented based on the information in the RI database and information updated by the club in Rotary Club Central. Submission of request for verification form will be appreciated.




A banner will be presented to each club that achieves a minimum Annual Fund contribution of $100 per capita during the Rotary year, and every dues-paying member must personally contribute at least $25 to the Annual Fund during the year. No application required.


For clubs that achieve an average of $100 in per capita giving and 100 percent participation, with every dues-paying member contributing at least $25 to any or all of the following during the Rotary year: Annual Fund, PolioPlus Fund, approved global grants, or Endowment Fund. No application required.


For the three clubs in the district that give the most, per capita, to the Annual Fund. Clubs that give at least $50 per capita are eligible. First, second and third place awards will be given for both small clubs and large clubs. Per capita is the total amount contributed to the Annual Fund divided by the 1 July members (for new clubs this is the current members). No application required.


Awarded to the club with the highest giving to the Polio Plus campaign. First, second, and third place awards will be given for both Small and Large clubs. No application required.


Awarded to the club that gives the most money to The Rotary Foundation, including annual and permanent funds and Polio Plus, during the period July 1 - June 30 of the current Rotary year. First, second, and third place awards will be given for both Small and Large clubs. No application required.





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